Paint Pro

Paint Pro

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Always dreamt of changing the colour of your walls without making a huge project of it? Want to paint your house like a professional, but have no experience? Worry no more! Here comes PaintPro, the do-it-yourself home painting system which requires no compressor, no motor, no electricity and,… no experience!

PaintPro is a scientifically designed, simple but very effective painting system for professionals as well as non-professional home users. The long-lasting industrial grade plastics, metal and foam used in the construction of the system gives lasting value for your money. 


The PaintPro system consists of a 2-part handle with a piston and chamber to suck and hold about 650ml (max) of paint. The piston pushes measured quantities of paint into the “even-flow-technology” tip which distributes the paint evenly on the foam-roller. This foam-roller releases paint on the wall, on press-rolling over it.

There’s a special valve provided at the end of the chamber. Through this valve, paint can be sucked in,  or the balance paint in the chamber emptied into, the Paint Can.


Using the PaintPro System is very easy. Prepare the wall surface by cleaning, buffing, sandpapering it to desired levels of evenness and cleanliness. Remember: Any trace of oil on the surface will repel paint.

Open the Paint Can lid and fix the special adapter lid provided. Just attach the valve mouth to the corresponding vent on the lid, suck paint to fill the chamber in the PaintPro handle to its maximum. Detach PaintPro from the adapter and use.

After painting is done, empty any leftover paint in the chamber into the paint can by again attaching the valve mouth to the vent on the lid. This way, wastage of paint is completely avoided.

Maintenance is very easy. After emptying any leftover paint, scrape off any caked paint from joints and edges and, wash thoroughly with water and let it dry.

NOTE: This painting system is suitable for water based paints only. Do not use PaintPro to paint thinner / turpentine soluble paints. Doing so can cause permanent damage to PaintPro system.


  • Extended Reach Handle
  • Paints ceiling, corners or bottom of wall
  • 650ml (22 oz) reservoir
  • Even-flow technology
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • No drips, No trays, No mess
  • Professional finish
  • Paint entire room with single fill
  • Pour back balance paint into can - no wastage
  • Paints fast - Saves time
  • Saves paint
  • Saves money

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  • 1 X Paint Pro Unit 
  • 1 X Spatter Shield
  • 1 X Stand for Temporary Storage
  • 1 X Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 X Roller frame
  • 1 X Paint Can Clip
  • 1 X Fill Tube
  • 1 X Roller Core
  • 1 X 3/8 In. perforated roller.
  • 1 X Instruction Manual



  • Reservoir capacity : 650ml (22 oz)
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