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Fair Secrets Skin Whitening Therapy - Solo Unit

- Skin Whitening 5 Steps Facial whitening Therapy  - Look naturally glowing and fairer using..


Ageless Wonder

What is ageless wonder? Ageless Wonder is an amazing facial EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) ..

Rs.7,999 Rs.3,995

Professional Detangling Hair Brush ( Unisex ) - No No Chikku - Solo Unit

Ordinary brushes have only a few contact points. But No No Chikku Hair Brush uses 100s of differe..


Kami Black Hair Dye Shampoo - Set Of 5

Premature greying is very common among the young generation these days. It makes a person look mu..


EZ Curl

EZ Curl - For Gorgeous and Perfect Looking Curls If you are in the habit of curling your hair, eith..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,995

Kami Hair Fibers - Set of 2

 Hair-fall makes no distinction. It can affect anyone badly. You may be young or old. A..


Genie Bra - Set of 3

The Genie Bra, a must-have in your Lingerie's collection, is one of the most comfortable underga..

Rs.2,999 Rs.1,495

Ervamatin Shampoo

Get a Permanent Cure for Your Hair Loss Problems with Ervamatin Shampoo The issue of hair loss and ..

Rs.999 Rs.595

Roll N Peel

Roll N Peel the perfect foot care system for easy callous removal. As seen on TV, allows you to r..


My Mani - Automatic Nail Polisher

Take out the very tough session of nail buffing. Absolutely no more struggling with messy cotton bal..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,295

Hollywood Nails - For Salon Quality Professional Nail Designs | 2400 Gems Included

Hollywood Nails All in One Nail Art System Fun, flirty, glamorous and chic, Hollywood Nails are t..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Nail Art Pen

Our Nail Art Pen keeps your manicure in top shape. Like French manicure. In minutes, you can get ..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Ultimate Foot Cream - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Ultimate Foot Cream With 65% Aloevera Finally A premium foot cream that produces S..


Ervamatin Skin Clear

Ervamatin Skin Clear is a gel that is manufactured using  active ingredients and help in con..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Pedi Bullet Pro

Advantages You Get with Pedi Bullet ProPedi Bullet Pro has dual speed settings that help in ..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Kami Secret Hair Extensions - Solo Unit

* Get full, voluptuous long hair immediately with kami secret hair Extension headband* Gives you thi..


Slim N Lift Aire - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Experience a Body Makeover... Today, the Body shapers market abounds with different types of Slimmi..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995