23% Hollywood Nails - For Salon Quality Professional Nail Designs | 2400 Gems Included

Hollywood Nails - For Salon Quality Professional Nail Designs | 2400 Gems Included

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Hollywood Nails All in One Nail Art System Fun, flirty, glamorous and chic, Hollywood Nails are the hottest trend around. The all-in-one nail art system takes the guesswork out of aligning your design. Get perfect placement every time. Complete with everything you need to have ten perfect nails, every time! 5 plates, 45 designs, two multi-color image plates, 2400 rhinestones and professional nail art tool. Get salon perfect nails every time. Hollywood Nail's nail guide and supportive hand steadying base make it easy to achieve mess-free, expert salon quality nails at a fraction of the cost.
4 Easy Steps:
Lock it down
Align your nail
Apply polish
Stamp your design
Perfect alignment every time
Use your own polish
Works on fingers and toes
Salon nails in 4 easy steps
Over 60 designs 2400 gems.
Includes: Professional Nail Art System 5 Image Plates with 9 Images Each 2 Multi-Color Image Plates 2,400 Rhinestones 1 Professional Nail Art Tool.


Hollywood Nails unit
Pre Designed Plates - 7 No's ( Total 63 Designs )
2400 Decorative Gems
Toes Stick

Faq Faq

Q. Can i use hollywood nails on both artificial and natural nails?
A. Yes, these nail art design makes any type of nails look great!

Q. I can’t get the hang of where to place my nail in the nail guide. any suggestions?
A. Place your nail in the guide and remove the rubber stamper. Then pull the top piece back over your nail and look through the circle on top. Your nail should be centered inside the circle. Once centered, lock the guide into position.

Q. The rubber stamper isn’t picking up the full design every time?
A. Be sure you slide and stamp the design quickly after applying polish to the plate or the polish will dry. You may also need to use a nail file and gently “rough up” the surface of the stamper occasionally for optimum easy nail art performance.

Q. Why is the polish getting smeared on the design plate.
A. The scraper probably needs to be cleaned. Press the buttons on either side of the scraper to pop it out. Then use a cotton swab and polish remover to clean it. Replace scraper and gently press until 2 clicks are heard and you get a clean design.

Q. The suction lock on the bottom of the machine won’t lock in place. what should be done?
A. Check that the surface you are trying to fix it to should be smooth and clean. If so, lift the machine and rotate the handle one full revolution to reset the locking mechanism of this simple and easy nail art machine.

Q. The machine does not reach the designs in the middle of the plates. what are they for?
A. The middle designs are for your big toenail and can be used by removing the scraper and stamper from the machine. Use the scraper to manually scrape the design, press the stamper over it to capture the design and then place the stamper on your toenail to transfer the design.

Q. Some designs are too big for my nails and when i use them i get polish on the surrounding skin? is this a design flaw in the plates?
A. No, some designs such as the full nail and the French manicure were purposely made larger to accommodate wider and longer nails. Simply use a cotton swab dipped in polish remover to remove the unwanted nail designs from your skin.

Q. My question isn't listed here. where do i get answers?
A. Simply call our Customer Service line at +91 44439 7000 and someone will be happy to assist you with anything related to how to design a nail art.

Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. All orders of nailart go through an in-house verification before they are sent for processing. This takes one business day to complete. When your order is processed, you will receive this nail painting product within two business days

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