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5 in 1 Gadget Combo

Smart Mobile WatchPalm Selfie StickPower BankVR BoxEartones - Smart Phone Headset (MiC)Zero Margin S..

Rs.5,735 Rs.2,399

9 In 1 Home Combo

Sewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachineAluma WalletAviator Premium Irene Kuhl SunglassPalm Selfie Sti..

Rs.12,465 Rs.3,999

Action Cam 4K Ultra HD

The Action Cam 4K Ultra HD includes a 170 degree adjustable wide angle lens to capture stunning land..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Big Blender Combo

21 Piece Magic BlenderSuper Vegetable CutterAluma WalletIrene Kuhl Sports Premium Wrist WatchMobile ..

Rs.7,230 Rs.3,499

Bodi Pro Roller Combo

Bodi Pro RollerPalm Selfie StickAluma WalletPower Bank-Portable Mobile ChargerZero Margin Sale @ Fac..

Rs.4,535 Rs.2,999

Bodi Pro Roller Saver 1

Bodi Pro RollerSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachinePalm Selfie StickAluminium WalletAviator Premiu..

Rs.6,785 Rs.2,499

Ceramic Combo

Ceramic Core 26 CM Pan - With LidPalm Selfie StickSuper Plus Vegitable CutterAviator Premium Irene K..

Rs.5,490 Rs.2,999

Digital Video Rec Aluminium

Digital Video Rec Aluminium is a Substitute of DVR system solution. It has functions for video recor..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Dinner Set Combo

Power Bank-Portable Mobile ChargerDinner SetPalm Selfie StickMobile FanNakshatra Sarees - Set of 2Al..

Rs.6,235 Rs.2,500

Flameless Candles - Set of 2

Our Flameless Candles is ivory wax flameless candle with moving wick LED. The moving wick LED giv..

Rs.1,495 Rs.995

Go Go Nails - Cordless Manicure and Pedicure Set with Dryer

GO! GO!™ Nails is a compact, battery operated, rechargeable manicure & pedicure unit with var..

Rs.2,995 Rs.599

HD DVR Spy Watch

HD DVR Spy Watch is with Super HD 1080p Video resolution and night vision. Video recording up,video ..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Irene Kuhl Watch Combo

Power Bank-Portable Mobile ChargerIrene Kuhl Sports Premium Wrist WatchZero Margin Sale @ Factory Ou..

Rs.1,990 Rs.999

Lighter Camera

The Lighter Camera is quite different from an ordinary lighter in a way that it is equipped with a c..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Magic Blender Combo

21 Piece Magic BlenderSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachineAluma WalletKami Black Hair Dye ShampooP..

Rs.8,980 Rs.3,999

Melt N Slim Pants - Solo Unit

• Melt ‘ N’ Slim is made of high-tech NEWTEX fibers that increase the body’s natural heat while i..

Rs.2,995 Rs.1,995

Melt N Slim Saver 1

Melt N Slim BeltElectric Roti MakerPalm Selfie StickAluminium WalletZero Margin Sale @ Factory Outle..

Rs.5,235 Rs.1,999

Melt N Slim Saver 2

Melt N Slim BeltSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachinePalm Selfie StickAluminium WalletAviator Premi..

Rs.5,985 Rs.2,250

Melt N Slim/4 Freebie

Melt N Slim - Waist Shaper (2)Palm Selfie StickMobile FanMen's Slimming ShirtAluma WalletZero Margin..

Rs.5,985 Rs.2,299

Mini Car DVR

Features: * Effective range of 8M * Very lovely Smile design, lets people relaxed and happ..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Mini Combo

Electric Roti MakerSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachinePalm Selfie StickZero Margin Sale @ Factory..

Rs.5,740 Rs.2,500

Multi Function Clock (Spy Camera Clock)

Features :  * HD 1280x720P resolution color video  * 1.0 megapixel HD camera sen..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,999

Palm Selfie Stick Combo

Power Bank-Portable Mobile ChargerPalm Selfie StickZero Margin Sale @ Factory Outlet PriceTotal Cost..

Rs.1,745 Rs.999

PowerFit Combo

Power Fit Compact - Exercise EquipmentMelt N Slim - Waist ShaperSlim Tea (30 Sachets)Body MassagerZe..

Rs.18,990 Rs.15,995

Prayer Cross

Prayer Cross • Prayer Cross from Montebello Collections. • Made with Brilliant Genuine Crysta..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Rainbow Combo

Ultra Table MateMobile FanPalm Selfie StickThree Fold UmbrellaAluma WalletNakshatra SareesZero Margi..

Rs.5,735 Rs.2,799

RestoForm Combo

RestoForm ProAviator Premium Irene Kuhl SunglassPalm Selfie StickAluma WalletZero Margin Sale @ Fact..

Rs.12,990 Rs.7,499

Shaver Saving Combo

Kleen Cut Wet & Dry-Men ShaverAviator Premium Irene Kuhl SunglassPalm Selfie StickAluma WalletZe..

Rs.3,990 Rs.1,999

Smart Mobile Watch

Smart Mobile Watch The amazing smart mobile watch tells you more than just time. It does ev..

Rs.2,995 Rs.1,995

Smart Mobile Watch - Set of 2 : Free Solar Lamp worth Rs.999

The amazing smart mobile watch tells you more than just time. It does everything that your  sma..

Rs.5,990 Rs.3,995

Solar Emergency Lamp - Buy 1 Get 2 Free Offer

The Solar Emergency Lamp is a Cylindrical – Shaped with high- quality ABS thermoplastic polymer fast..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,499

Spin Mop Combo

Spin MopSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachineSuper Vegetable CutterZero Margin Sale @ Factory Outle..

Rs.5,985 Rs.2,249

Super Floss - Solo Unit

Usage : · It removes all food residue from between the teeth.· It removes har..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Super Nine Combo

Nakshatra SareesSewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachineAluma WalletPalm Selfie StickCeramicore 26cm P..

Rs.11,230 Rs.3,999

Super Saver Kitchen Kit

26cm Ceramicore Pan No No Oil Dosa Tawa Deluxe Super Vegetable Cutter..

Rs.7,375 Rs.3,250

Super Solution - Set of 2

Good Planet Super Solution Cleans and Shines, Seals and Protects! Good Planet Supe..

Rs.2,995 Rs.1,995

Sweat & Slim Combo

Orbitrek EliteBack MagicBody MassagerMelt N Slim - Waist ShaperSlim Tea (30 Sachets)Zero Margin Sale..

Rs.20,985 Rs.15,995

Table Mate Chair - Pink

·         It matches your table mate perfectly and c..

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,295

Table Mate Mini Combo

Power Bank-Portable Mobile ChargerTable Mate ll (Ultra )Palm Selfie StickMobile FanNakshatra Sa..

Rs.6,485 Rs.2,499

TM Saver

Sewing Genie - Portable Sewing MachineSuper Vegetable CutterAluma WalletKami Black Hair Dye ShampooM..

Rs.7,480 Rs.2,999

VR Box Combo

VR BoxTablemate II UltraZero Margin Sale @ Factory Outlet PriceTotal Cost : Rs : 4499/-Combo Price :..

Rs.4,499 Rs.2,499


What is WaxVac® ? Doctors world over advise against using cotton swabs to clean your ears. W..

Rs.1,495 Rs.995

Ageless Wonder

What is ageless wonder? Ageless Wonder is an amazing facial EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) ..

Rs.7,999 Rs.3,995

Clever Vegetable Cutter - Set of 2

Clever Cutter is the revolutionary 2-in-1 knife and cutting board that chops and slices your favorit..

Rs.1,799 Rs.1,295

Fidati Thermometer

A unique thermometer which directly measures the temperature without any contact.With FIDATI no l..

Rs.7,999 Rs.2,995

Dash Cam Pro

Professional HD security camera for your car This HD Night Vision Car Dash Camera Road Recorder..

Rs.2,995 Rs.2,295

Super Vegetable Cutter - Set of 2

-   Perfect for chopping onions, tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables in different shape or..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,495

Swivel Sweeper Max

A lightweight, sturdy and fast experience in cleaning floors.• Swivels 360° • Rechargeable..

Rs.5,995 Rs.3,995

Tuck N Trim Belt - Set of 2

·         The Tuck N Trim Belt  helps you look slimm..

Rs.2,999 Rs.2,695

Back Magic

Back magic is created specifically to completely alleviate the back pain caused by improper spinal ..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Water Zoom

What is Water Zoom? Water Zoom is a high pressure washer that can be connected to your regular ..

Rs.3,995 Rs.2,995

Airwave Fryer

Kids and youth are big fans of fried fast foods. The parents are really worried about the health ..

Rs.14,995 Rs.9,995

EZ Curl

EZ Curl - For Gorgeous and Perfect Looking Curls If you are in the habit of curling your hair, eith..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,995

Zeoderm Skin Care System ( 100ml)

Salcura Bioskin  Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser, Soothing dry skin, itch relief, anti-bacteria..

Rs.3,999 Rs.2,995

Sonic Ears - The Smart Hearing Aid

Are you suffering from hearing problems? Here are the sonic ears - high powered hearing enhancer ..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Tablemate II (Ultra) From Telebuy

To put in simple words, the Table Mate™ ultra is a multipurpose portable table. You can use it fo..

Rs.2,500 Rs.1,995

30 Pieces Dinner Set

You can now add functional ease to any table setting with this 30 Pieces dinner set that are perfect..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,299

Car Key Micro Camera Pro


Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Lipo Dress

What is Lipo dress?One of the most versatile garments, lipodress is a seamless body shaper t..

Rs.2,995 Rs.995

Melt N Slim - Waist Shaper - Set of 2

Melt N Slim is designed with the revolutionary and unique intelligent fibers, that naturally increas..

Rs.2,599 Rs.1,995

Genie Bra - Set of 3

The Genie Bra, a must-have in your Lingerie's collection, is one of the most comfortable underga..

Rs.2,999 Rs.1,495

Super Floss - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Usage : · It removes all food residue from between the teeth.· It removes har..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,495

Tutty Fruity Soft Serve machine - The 100 % Natural Cream Machine

Enjoy freshly made ice cream by myself easily done at home with Tutty Fruity, fresh ice cream mak..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,999

Ervamatin Shampoo

Get a Permanent Cure for Your Hair Loss Problems with Ervamatin Shampoo The issue of hair loss and ..

Rs.999 Rs.595

Spin Mop - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

- Spin mop works on all types of surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glass, marble, vinyl, stone, granit..

Rs.2,999 Rs.2,495

Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro Leg & Bun Workout : Not only will your Ab Circle Pro help you lose your Love Hand..

Rs.11,999 Rs.9,995

Cryogen Knives - Set of 3

 The revolutionary new knife set is backed by true NASA breakthrough technology.  ..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,295

Melt N Slim Pants - Set of 2 Offer

• Melt ‘ N’ Slim is made of high-tech NEWTEX fibers that increase the body’s natural heat while i..

Rs.2,999 Rs.2,295

My Mani - Automatic Nail Polisher

Take out the very tough session of nail buffing. Absolutely no more struggling with messy cotton bal..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,295

Sewing Genie - Portable Sewing Machine

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the Sewing Genie mini sewing machine! The Sewing Genie..

Rs.2,995 Rs.1,995

5 Minutes Shaper

5 Minutes Shaper 5 Minutes Shaper gives you the perfect combination of ..

Rs.11,999 Rs.9,995

Aluma Wallets - Set of 3

Aluma Wallets presents this compact and stylish hard case for your cards. Its 6 PVC slots provide..

Rs.1,299 Rs.595

Hollywood Nails - For Salon Quality Professional Nail Designs | 2400 Gems Included

Hollywood Nails All in One Nail Art System Fun, flirty, glamorous and chic, Hollywood Nails are t..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Nail Art Pen

Our Nail Art Pen keeps your manicure in top shape. Like French manicure. In minutes, you can get ..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Slim Freezer - The Hollywood Slimming Secret

Slim Freezer is the latest technology Invention to lose weight with-out exercise & dieting ju..

Rs.11,999 Rs.9,995

Tim & Brown 900S Cordless Drill and Driver

Are you a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hobbyist, an engineering professional, a carpenter,  an elect..

Rs.10,995 Rs.9,995

Ervamatin Skin Clear

Ervamatin Skin Clear is a gel that is manufactured using  active ingredients and help in con..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Flexible Garden Hose

Flexible Garden Hose is the First and Only Expanding Garden Hose.Flexible Garden Hose is the..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Men's Slimming Shirt - Set of 2

The men’s slimming shirt is a slimming vest which makes you look 2-3 sizes slimmer instantly. It is ..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Pedi Bullet Pro

Advantages You Get with Pedi Bullet ProPedi Bullet Pro has dual speed settings that help in ..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Irene Kuhl Designer Sunglasses

Your summer coolers are either too dark or simply ineffective.  Introducing the  Design..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Slim N Lift Aire - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Experience a Body Makeover... Today, the Body shapers market abounds with different types of Slimmi..

Rs.1,299 Rs.995

Super Vegetable Cutter

-   Perfect for chopping onions, tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables in different shape or..

Rs.1,999 Rs.995

Premium Travel Steamer

This steam iron featured elegant shape, light weight and vast steam. It removes wrinkles on all f..

Rs.2,999 Rs.1,995

Tim & Brown 007 Cordless ScrewDriver

How many times you’ve wondered how those branded furniture sport such well lodged, neatly finishe..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,995

Cobra Drill Bit

You have a power screw driver and bits. But, the screw you need to tighten is at an awkward angle..

Rs.999 Rs.795

Mighty Sealer

What is Mighty Sealer?Mighty Sealer is a flexible rubber coated sealant available in a spray..

Rs.1,495 Rs.995

Nativity Stones Cross

The Petit Classic Nativity Stones Cross is an example of exquisite craftsmanship from world renow..

Rs.7,999 Rs.2,995

Cycluum Power Vac

The Cycluum Power Vac is a versatile, all-surface vacuum that easily converts from a handheld vac..

Rs.7,999 Rs.4,995


Brainetics BenefitsWhat is Brainetics?Brainetics is a revolutionary system that uses ma..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,995

S2O- Pack of 100 Sheets

WHAT is S2O (pronounced “Yes Too Oh”) Laundry Sheets ?Convenience is key when performing h..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Magic Loom

Ever wanted to create your own jewellery with your own designs? Ever wished you could possess a l..

Rs.1,995 Rs.995

Multifunction Foldable Trolley

You’re planning a tour. And, you carry a few suitcases and travel bags. All big and heavy when fu..

Rs.6,995 Rs.4,995

Table Mate Chair - Blue

·         It matches your table mate perfectly and c..

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,295

Car Cane Pro

Car Cane with Flashlight, Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter  Have you ever ..

Rs.1,495 Rs.995