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Based on the same vision magnification technology as a high power binocular, Zoomies are a pair of convenient wearable binoculars. You can easily use them as an alternative to your traditional binoculars. These are totally hands free solution that can be worn like a sunglasses so no more neck ache pain. Zoomies are capable of letting you see stuff Zoomed up to 300% all thanks to its adjustable focus dial. The compact design of these binocular allows you to carry them everywhere very easily. These are so compact that you can shove them right into your pocket or your purse. A single pair of Zoomies also comes with a switchable inbuilt sunshade lens.  These can be your companion for Bird watching, or while you are at some sports event and even, at crowded concerts. Apart from this, you can use Zoomies  while reading, watching T.V and sewing.

These come at a cheaper price than the ordinary binoculars, without even sacrificing on performance side. The best part is that they are very easy to use; all you have to do is put them on and look into your desired direction.

Features  Uses
 1) 300% Zoom  1) Bird watching
 2) Hands-free wearable Binoculars  2) Hunting
 3) Compact Design/ portable  3) Sightseeing
 4) Lightweight- Can be carried everywhere as a substitute to Binoculars  4) Reading
 5) Easy to use  5) Sports’ event
 6) Foldable  6) Art &crafts
 7) Inbuilt Sunshade Lens  7) Concerts
 8) No Neck or arm pain  8) Watching T.V.
 9) No eye strain  




- 1x Zoomies

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