About Telebuy

About Telebuy India

Telebuy's Mission Statement

Telebuy's vision is to be the leading marketer of innovative consumer products launched through direct response television and sold through multiple distribution channels across India.


About Telebuy

Telebuy is an associate of “DRTV” group and has exclusive marketing rights for over 500 innovative Fitness, Health Care and House hold products. We have partnered with world’s leading direct response television brands such as Thane Inc & Interwood Inc.


Telebuy was Incepted in 2006 December and with-in a span of 75 Months, it has achieved a turnover of  200 Crores with an impressive YOY growth of over 50% on annual basis. Our Head office is based in Chennai and we have 25 Plus company owned branches across India.


Company Overview

Our goal is to bring the best and most innovative products to customers around India. As a leader in the multi-channel direct marketing of consumer products, we strive to offer quality products that meet the highest expectations of our customers.


At Telebuy we handle different facet of marketing a product; from sourcing unique & innovative products, to bringing the product to the airwaves and the Internet, to completing the sale and delivering the product to the consumer anywhere in India. We are particularly proud of our ability to leave no stone unturned in determining how to best utilize our multi-tiered distribution channels to fit each and every product.


How we do it…


Multi-Tiered Distribution Channels: Telebuy believes that its ability to simultaneously introduce products in multiple markets through multiple channels gives it a huge competitive advantage. Once a product has met our standards to carry the Telebuy name, we create sales and brand recognition through our investment in direct response TV media. Telebuy's business is primarily comprised of three core components:


  • Direct Response TV
  • Internet
  • Retail



Contact Information


Email: info@telebuyindia.com

Website: www.tbuy.in