Ervamatin Hair Lotion Testimonial by Sasikumar

“My name is Sasi… I had hair-fall problem before… front side of my scalp was bald… but, after my friend suggested this (Ervamatin) and I started using this (Ervamatin), first, my hair-fall stopped… then, I started to feel healthy (with hair),… and then hair growth started… “   “There was no hair on the front side of my scalp,… now, after about 6 months, there’s lot of hair,… you can see… my friends were surprised (to find hair on my head)…. They even suspected and physically checked whether I was using hair wig… and whether I had done some hair “plantation”… but, they found out it was my own real hair…”   “Then they felt convinced (about the efficacy of Ervamatin) and hence decided to start using it… some of them in fact have already bought it and are using it for the last 15-20 days or so… I am enjoying good results and am continuing to use Ervamatin…”   “I wish to thank the company that has produced such a wonderful product (shows Ervamatin bottle)… because I had this  (hair-fall, no hair) problem for a long time… for some two and half to 3 years,… I tried some 2-3 other products but there was no positive result, so, I’m not satisfied,… but, with this (Ervamatin) I got results,… that too with natural treatment…. “   “Hence, for introducing such a wonderful product, I wish to thank profusely the company (Telebuy)…  and, also to my friends who suggested this product to me….”     Click on Ervamatin link to know more about the product.


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