Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Jagadeesh

“I had high hair-fall… (so, when) I saw the Ervamatin ad in TV and called over phone, ordered and bought… and started to use it…“   “my hair was quite rust-colored, earlier…. Now, that has faded and my hair has become black… “   “and the hair-fall was enormous…. Particularly when I take bath, … but, now its no longer so. The hair-fall has almost stopped…. Only 1 or 2 hair is seen falling…”   “I used to lose hair heavily on the front side above my ears… now, I see hair growth again (after using Ervamatin)…”   “I learnt about Ervamatin not only from TV. My friend has been using it for some 2 months when he recommended it to me… he assured that hair-fall reduced significantly and the density of hair increased (with Ervamatin)… that is,… each strand of thin hair, became thick…!”   “when I wash my head, my both palms used to be full of fallen hair… but now, (after using Ervamatin), its barely 1 or 2 hairs that I see in my hands…!”   “my hair used to be very rust-colored… now it has come back to normal black color…”   “Twice a week I take head-bath. Twice daily I apply Ervamatin – morning and evening - … I apply with my fingers and massage the scalp for about 30 seconds, as suggested, …  and once a week I take head-oil-bath…”   “stopping of falling hair is the biggest relief for me, gained from using Ervamatin…”   Click on Ervamatin link to know more about the product.


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