Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Manimala

Excerpts   “My brother’s friend is using it (Ervamatin)… he was almost bald even from his young age,.. but now he has so much hair in his head… only after seeing such a result, I bought this product (Ervamatin)… “   “We’re using it (Ervamatin) for about a month… and our hair-fall has stopped completely… the hair-fall used to be heavy…. But now its not so… ”   “We’ve used a few branded products to stop hair-fall… but we kept losing hair … but, its so much better now (after using Ervamatin)…”   “We’re using it (Ervamatin) for about a month… and the hair-fall has stopped now… the moment my hair grows in length, the hair-fall will increase… its not so now…”   “Dandruff problem has stopped… totally… my scalp used to pain  when pressed with finger tip due to excessive Dandruff problem… now its completely gone after using Ervamatin…”   “There was heavy hair-loss…. I could see a lot of hair in the comb… but, that has stopped now…”   “After every head-bath, the whole bathroom floor will be seen with lot of fallen hair… now after using Ervamatin, that has completely stopped… I lost a lot of hair due to such a problem, but, that conditions has been arrested…”   “I could see a lot of fallen hair in both my hands when I apply hair-oil… the longer my hair grew, the more fallen hair was seen… so I use to keep my hair short, as a trick to stop hair-fall…!   But, now after using Ervamatin, that hair-fall has completely stopped… not a single hair is seen in the comb … ”   “this boy by name Sakthi, who studied in school with my younger brother… who was almost bald even when he was young… when he was studying 12th in school…, after his marriage, his wife saw the Ervamatin ad in TV and convinced her husband to use it… now, he sports “so much” hair on his head, … I was inspired to try Ervamatin…”   Click on Ervamatin link to know more about the product.  


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