Happy Customer, Mr. Kannan, Sharing His Experience with Telebuy's Super Ladder

“About this Super Ladder, I saw the ad in TV… after seeing the benefits explained, I felt like buying such a Ladder… because, we used to live in rented houses, and whenever we shifted residence, in every house, the chores of storing and bringing down heavy items in the loft area was very tedious… also, cleaning fans, bulbs…”   “It was very difficult… getting up and down without our own gadget…. We had to borrow from neighbors some ladder or stool… “   “In this situation, we decided to buy Super Ladder, whatever the cost… I placed the order in the morning,… and received shipment by the evening…. I was very happy….”   “And the ladder is very very useful to me…  I am using this (Super) Ladder in many ways… for example, in our house, tree branches from neighboring garden overshoots into our compound big way… we use this ladder to trim those branches… and,… for fixing bulbs, cleaning ceiling fans,…. For all these we use Super Ladder…. Each benefit is very useful for us….”   “Likewise, there are times when we need to put back the heavy items brought down from lofts after use… we had to hire people paying them 200 or 300 rupees per day to help us accomplish these chores… But, not anymore! After buying our Super Ladder, myself and my son join hands to do these heavy work with ease and comfort…”   “All household chores like, cleaning fans, fluorescent bulbs, removing cobwebs… are all made easy…”   “The most important thing about this (Super Ladder) is, after using it for multiple chores, we can fold it to a minimum size and store it comfortably… come, let me show you…”   “Look here,… we’re able to store it in such a small space… we can adjust and store it anywhere… and, when we need it, we can take out and use it for cleaning fans, bulbs, etc… and the garden… come let me show you… “   “These tree branches use to grow “into” our house and trouble us for space… now, every week, we use Super Ladder to trim them to a nicety… previously we had to borrow ladder, hire personnel, pay and do the same… not so now….! Myself and my son as a team are able to do the same very comfortably at leisure… this is very useful.”   Click on Super Ladder link to know more about the product.


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