No No Oil Dosa Tawa Review by Telebuy customer Girija
“Q: Your name madam…?”   “A: Girija.”   “Q: Before buying this (NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa), were you using regular tawas...?”   “A: Yes. (I was using) regular non-stick tawas and regular (i..
Super Ladder Testimonial By Telebuy Customer Anand
As narrated by Anandan, certified Electrician.   “To reach such high ceilings right above entrance steps, its very difficult, … the regular ladder needed to be rested on the wall … but cannot ..
Super Ladder Testimonial By Telebuy Customer Stephen
“My name is Stephen. I was searching for such a multi-purpose ladder for a long time… for my varied needs… “   “My friend informed me about the TV ad on Super Ladder… I wanted to buy it using ..
Paint Zoom Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Moorthy
“My name is Moorthi… I own a Panel Press company at Vanagaram,… I manufacture shutters, doors, etc.. “   “I was searching for a (spray) machine without compressor… then I saw this machine… the..
Tablemate Testimonial by Tbuy Customer Pradeep
“We’re using this for our daughter’s studies…. Previously she was not feeling comfortable to sit and study… and she developed back pain…”   “That’s why…   “We saw the ad in the TV… and bo..
 Table Mate Testimonial of Tbuy Customer Subbaiya
“(Table Mate) can be kept in any place and used… we’ll keep it in the sit-out area or inside our house…so comfortable to use in any place…”   Q: “For what purposes do you use this (Table ..
Tablemate Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Arvind
“I’m Arvind Kumar… I saw this Table Mate ad in TV… and I thought it will be useful for my kids for their studies, drawing and other purposes….”   “And, I bought it... and my kids use it nicely..
Paint zoom Review by Kamal Kumar
“My name is Kamal Kumar… I’m working as a Painter for the last 25 years…. But, when I heard about this new concept (Paint Zoom), I was (pleasantly) surprised…”   “After seeing the ad on TV, I ..
Table mate Review By Telebuy Customer Jayalashmi
“My name is Jayalakshmi,… I bought this Table Mate only for my daughter’s studies… “   “I’ve bought many items… but I’ve never allowed any marketing personnel to enter my house… (but) I’m so f..
Happy Customer, Mr. Kannan, Sharing His Experience with Telebuy's Super Ladder
“About this Super Ladder, I saw the ad in TV… after seeing the benefits explained, I felt like buying such a Ladder… because, we used to live in rented houses, and whenever we shifted residence, in..

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