Telebuy Products review by Manikandan

Products I bought so far : Multi-product - Table Mate, Smart Mop, Flameless Candle, OT, DobiTree, Tobi Travel Steamer


“I am Manikandan. I live in Chennai. I have bought many Telebuy products,… Flameless Candle, Table Mate, Orbitrek (Elite) etc.”

“Actually I find the Flameless Candle extremely useful every day. It is very perfect for me. Mostly I use it as night-lamp. It not only is adequate for seeing things, but also not too bright to let me sleep comfortably”

“Table Mate is useful for me every single day. I use it all 24 hours. To keep my cell phone, laptop, and all items when I exercise…”

“All products are just perfect. I have bought and am using many Telebuy products and I cannot say any product is less useful. Each one is very useful.”

“Thanks Telebuy”

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