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S2O Review by Thilagavathi
“My name is Thilagavathi. I saw advertisement about S2O laundry sheets in TV. And, I bought it and using it for the last 6 months.”“It is good. (Each sheet) comes for 10-15 clothes… and, washe..
Tobi travel steamer review by Kavitha Lakshmi
“My name is Indu Kumari. I was using ordinary pressing irons.”“I felt a bit hard to use them. At that time I saw Telebuy advertisement in TV (about Tobi Steamer)”“My daughter (Kavitha Lak..
Table Mate Testimonial by Malarvizhi
“My name is Malarvizhi. I am working as Tamil teacher in an aided school.”“I saw this advertisement in TV,… by Telebuy. In that I saw Table Mate. Immediately I was impressed because I had sear..
Table Mate Testimonial by Vasu
“My name is Vasu. I saw Telebuy’s TV ad, when I was searching for a convenient Table for my son to use it for his drawing, writing etc.”   “My son is studying in 2nd standard. For him this tab..
Table Mate Review by Venkat Prasad
“Hi, I’m Venkat Prasad. I was searching for a table which I can use for multipurpose. At the same time I wanted a table which will not occupy much of my space in my drawing room.” “Luckily I found ..
Tablemate Review by Deepesh K
“My name is Deepesh. Its 3 months since I bought this.” “This TableMate is very useful. I bought this after seeing the TV advertisement.” “Many people (in our area) have come and seen this. They en..
Orbitrek Elite Testimonial by Loganathan
“My name is Loganathan. I am using Orbitrek (Elite). As I am in business, I come home late (every day). So, I’ve started using Orbitrek in the mornings. It is very good (using this). I expect bette..
Ceramicore Testimonial by Alexander
“My name is Alexander. I live in Kilpauk”. “I saw the TV ad about Ceramicore Tawa. They said we can use it without oil.” “As I’ve Cholestrerol problem, I wanted to try this product, and immediately..
Abtronic X2 Testimonial by Vimal
“I have seen the TV ads about Abtronic X2 many a times. When we go to gym, we give more workout for our abdomen. Even unto one hour for abdomen exercises.”   “So, when we saw the ad about Abtr..
No No Oil Dosa Tawa Review by Selva Rani
“My name is Selva Rani. One month before, I bought NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa along with Ceramicore Pans as a set.” “Dosas come out nicely like “silk” without any oil, in NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa.” Then, Chappat..

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