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 Table Mate Testimonial of Tbuy Customer Subbaiya
“(Table Mate) can be kept in any place and used… we’ll keep it in the sit-out area or inside our house…so comfortable to use in any place…”   Q: “For what purposes do you use this (Table ..
Ervamatin Hair Lotion Testimonial by Sasikumar
“My name is Sasi… I had hair-fall problem before… front side of my scalp was bald… but, after my friend suggested this (Ervamatin) and I started using this (Ervamatin), first, my hair-fall stopped…..
Tablemate Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Arvind
“I’m Arvind Kumar… I saw this Table Mate ad in TV… and I thought it will be useful for my kids for their studies, drawing and other purposes….”   “And, I bought it... and my kids use it nicely..
Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Jagadeesh
“I had high hair-fall… (so, when) I saw the Ervamatin ad in TV and called over phone, ordered and bought… and started to use it…“   “my hair was quite rust-colored, earlier…. Now, that has fad..
Paint zoom Review by Kamal Kumar
“My name is Kamal Kumar… I’m working as a Painter for the last 25 years…. But, when I heard about this new concept (Paint Zoom), I was (pleasantly) surprised…”   “After seeing the ad on TV, I ..
Table mate Review By Telebuy Customer Jayalashmi
“My name is Jayalakshmi,… I bought this Table Mate only for my daughter’s studies… “   “I’ve bought many items… but I’ve never allowed any marketing personnel to enter my house… (but) I’m so f..
Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Manimala
Excerpts   “My brother’s friend is using it (Ervamatin)… he was almost bald even from his young age,.. but now he has so much hair in his head… only after seeing such a result, I bought this p..
Happy Customer, Mr. Kannan, Sharing His Experience with Telebuy's Super Ladder
“About this Super Ladder, I saw the ad in TV… after seeing the benefits explained, I felt like buying such a Ladder… because, we used to live in rented houses, and whenever we shifted residence, in..
Orbitrek Elite Helped Me Reduce 20 Kg in 1 Year
This is the excerpts of this video -   In this machine, I do exercise 30 minutes morning and if get time do in the evening also. I do daily and got result. It’s a good machine I feel. Hope oth..
Yes Our Baby Can Read!
These are videos sent by our satisfied customers. "Your Baby Can Read" is a system of learning that helps your baby learn English at an early stage. Check this link for more details. http://ww..

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