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Microbot 3.0 Mobile Phone

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Microbot 3.0      MOBILE PHONE


1)      The Microbot 3.0 is the


·         world's smallest

·         dual sim mobile phone

·         supports 2G/3G and even 4G

·         with low radiation hazards

2) It may be as small as your thumb but It allows you to use it as a stand-alone phone with a SIM card or you can connect it using bluetooth to make calls, send and reply to texts, listen to music, pair it as a bluetooth speaker to your smartphone, laptop or TV, set alarms.



3)You can also use it as an anti-theft alert device that alerts you preventing your smartphones from getting lost, stolen or misplaced.



We are offering this amazing small, light weight and compact Microbot mobile phone at just Rs. 3999/- + RS. 250/- DC today


Can I take your order?


Why is such a small phone so expensive? There are phones in the market available for lesser price.

Sir/Madam, let me explain that the Microbot 3.0 mobile phone is not any ordinary phone. It may be small and compact but It offers features and benefits that are not available even in ordinary basic handsets.


Firstly, It is the only feature phone that supports 4G.


Also, I'm sure you are aware that radiations from mobile phones are extremely dangerous and can cause health hazards and severe side effects not just in birds and animals but also in Human beings.

The Microbot 3.0 mobile phone measures only 1/7th of a normal mobile phone making it a low radiation mobile phone and extremely safe even for kids to use.


Anti theft devices are extremely expensive these days. The Microbot 3.0 mobile phone comes with unique features like anti-theft alert to prevent your bluetooth connected expensive smartphones from getting lost, misplaced or stolen.


It comes with the magic voice as an inbuilt feature that allows you to change your voice and play pranks on your near and dear ones. (This can only be downloaded on smartphones)

 It comes with the magic voice as an inbuilt feature that allows you to change your voice and play pranks on your near and dear ones.



L8STAR Mini Phone Bluetooth Dialer Low Radiation Dual Card mobile phone

Mobile radiations can be extremely harmful not just to birds but also to us humans.

·          It is only as small as your thumb making it extremely small and light.

·         It has buttons that make it extremely easy to use.

·         No radiation hazards with the microbot as it is a Very low radiation emission mobile phone

·         Dual sim slot - You can use 2G/3G/4G Sim cards. 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card and 1 memory card

·         64GB expandable memory card option - many songs

·         It acts as a deatchable ear hook allowing for handsfree usage during driving, walking, working etc.

·         Can be used as a bluetooth device- Pair your smartphone with the Microbot jus once through bluetooth and you can answer phone calls recieved on your smartphone on your microbot, call forwarding, you can read and reply to text messages.

·         Use it as a bluetooth speaker for your smartphones,  TV, LAPTOPS. Excellent sound quality-filters noise for clear sound.

·         Magic voice feature that enables change of voice when you are talking - ideal to play pranks on your friends and family!

·         Anti theft/Anti lost feature that alerts you if the connected smartphone is stolen, misplaced within a 10 m distance allowing you to easily locate your mobile phone.

·         Great for childrens safety as well.


Screen Size: 0.66 inch


Battery: 350mAh

Display Type:OLED

Talktime : 5 hours


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