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Nativity Stones Cross

Nativity Stones Cross

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The Petit Classic Nativity Stones Cross is an example of exquisite craftsmanship from world renowned jewellery designer, Paul Dimitriu. The size and the sophisticated design make it most suitable for women as well as kids. Large version of this piece of jewellery is also available.

Unique Design

The Petite Classic Nativity Cross is unique in its design in the sense that the designer has joined three concentric circles to represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at the edge of the Cross. The 14 ray star design which encircles the Nativity Stone stands for the Nativity Star marking the exact birth place of Lord Jesus Christ from the Cave of Nativity. The 14 rays depict the 14 generations from Abraham to David and 14 generations from David to the exile of Babylon as well as the 14 generations of exile of Babylon to the birth of Jesus.  The cross depicts Lord Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and this Nativity Stones Cross stands for the ancestry, birth, and death of Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritual History Attached

The Nativity Stones are a witness to the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and carry immense spiritual significance. They have been made accessible to the general public through the efforts of philanthropist Mr. Slotkin and the then Bethlehem mayor Mr. Elias Bandak. The Nativity Stones have been set into gold plated crosses designed in two sizes by Mr. Paul Dimitriu. Mr. Dimitriu is a world renowned jewellery designer and is known for the medallions designed for NASA space flights and the exclusive cross for Pope John Paul II.


  • The Nativity Stones Cross solidifies your faith and makes you feel connected with the Lord. 
  • You have a lot of peace around you and you are assured that it will remain around you permanently. You need to touch the Nativity Stones Cross to feel that something special. It is remarkable that a little stone has such an immense effect but it actually does.
  • You feel content to have a piece of rock from the place where Lord Jesus was born. Since you cannot be at Lord Jesus’ birthplace, this is as close as you can get.
  • Sometimes you feel so helpless, frustrated, and in such times, you are reminded that the Lord is with you and you need to hold patience.
  • You can cross difficult times especially when your loved one is sick, your strength and faith in prayers increase and such bad phases pass off to better future. The strength of your prayers increases as you feel the presence of the Lord beside you.


  • 1 X Nativity Stone cross Doller ( Size : H - 3.0 cm , W - 2.5 cm )
  • 1 X Gold Plated chain ( Size : L - 55 Cm )
  • 1 X Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 X The Amazing Story of the Nativity Stones
Faq Faq

Q.: Does the Nativity Stones Cross confer any specific health benefits like the gemstones?

A.: The Nativity Stones Cross promotes the spiritual well being of religious minded individuals. With the Nativity Stones Cross around your neck, your inner strength, and faith in getting your tasks accomplished is enhanced markedly.

Q.: What makes Nativity Stones so extraordinary?

A.: The Nativity Stones are supposed to have witnessed the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and are a part of his birthplace. They were handed to Mr. Slotkin by the Mayor of Bethlehem and are used to strengthen people’s faith in the Lord. 

Q.: What is the guarantee of authenticity of the Nativity Stones?

A.: A Geological Survey Letter was sent by Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure of Israel in 1987 which confirmed the geological composition of the Nativity Stones as being the same as that of the stone from the Manger Room of the Cave of Nativity. Both the samples reflected the Menuha Formation that is prevalent in the region of Bethlehem.

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