Orbitrek Elite Helped Me Reduce 20 Kg in 1 Year

This is the excerpts of this video -   In this machine, I do exercise 30 minutes morning and if get time do in the evening also. I do daily and got result. It’s a good machine I feel. Hope others also can find it useful. 1 year before I was looking like this in this photo. See my tummy! After using this machine I lost almost 20 kg.   From last 1 year I am using it and can see the difference. I was 87 kg last year. Now I reduced almost 20 kg. Beginning it was bit difficult to do the exercise but later it become easy. I have tried walking and jogging but it didn't give me proper result. After stated to use this machine I can see the difference. I can use my old pants, jeans and shirts. I have controlled food also. I am trying to avoid oily food and no rice in the night- only chapattis. I am very happy now. I am recommending this machine to friends and relatives who are surprised to see my new look. My aim is to bring my weight to 65 kg as it’s the perfect weight for my height.   To know more about the amazing Orbitrek Elite, click the link.


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