Genie Bra & S 2 O Testimonial by Rani
Products : Genie Bra, S2O “My name is Rani. I bought and am using Genie Bra. It is good.”“Even the pad (S2) is good. To wash clothes it is good”“The clothes were smelling g..
Telebuy Products review by Manikandan
Products I bought so far : Multi-product - Table Mate, Smart Mop, Flameless Candle, OT, DobiTree, Tobi Travel Steamer “I am Manikandan. I live in Chennai. I have bought many Telebuy ..
Ceramicore Testimonial by Alexander
“My name is Alexander. I live in Kilpauk”. “I saw the TV ad about Ceramicore Tawa. They said we can use it without oil.” “As I’ve Cholestrerol problem, I wanted to try this product, and immediately..
No No Oil Dosa Tawa Review by Selva Rani
“My name is Selva Rani. One month before, I bought NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa along with Ceramicore Pans as a set.” “Dosas come out nicely like “silk” without any oil, in NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa.” Then, Chappat..
Ervamatin Hair Lotion Testimonial by Sasikumar
“My name is Sasi… I had hair-fall problem before… front side of my scalp was bald… but, after my friend suggested this (Ervamatin) and I started using this (Ervamatin), first, my hair-fall stopped…..
Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Jagadeesh
“I had high hair-fall… (so, when) I saw the Ervamatin ad in TV and called over phone, ordered and bought… and started to use it…“   “my hair was quite rust-colored, earlier…. Now, that has fad..
Ervamatin Testimonial by Telebuy Customer Manimala
Excerpts   “My brother’s friend is using it (Ervamatin)… he was almost bald even from his young age,.. but now he has so much hair in his head… only after seeing such a result, I bought this p..

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