No No Oil Dosa Tawa Review by Selva Rani

“My name is Selva Rani. One month before, I bought NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa along with Ceramicore Pans as a set.” “Dosas come out nicely like “silk” without any oil, in NoNo Oil Dosa Tawa.” Then, Chappati with oil comes out nicely like it does when using iron pan,… “fluffy and like “phulka”!   “And, in the Ceramicore pans, every dish including fish fry, chicken fry, etc. turns out nicely without sticking to the bottom”… “particularly fish, if fried, will have the problem of its skin sticking to the pan. But, in Ceramicore, there’s no such problem.”   “Nothing sticks. Wonderfully cooks. Quickly cooks. Uses less Cooking Gas. And, in less time the cooking is over.”   “Dosas are done in just 2 minutes (in NoNoOil Dosa Tawa). Chapatis too are done in quick time.” “All dishes gets done quickly. Like, ‘kulambu’, Okra fry… particularly in Okra fry, its slippery texture changes very quickly to become fried. So, its really very useful”   “I thank Telebuy for giving me these products.”


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